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Daytime TV

by on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

There is never anything on daytime TV for guys to watch, even if you have cable. We have a few hundred channels and most of the programming is crap. I am home sick from work and bored out of my mind. I can’t sleep, but there is nothing to do. So right now I am watching reruns of Sons of Guns all day long. I will probably watch the whole thing, because then at least I will have watched the entire season. At least it is a guy show for a change.

I suppose I can check out the on demand stuff later if I want. Bah, I hate being sick. The flu sucks. At least I have some of this cold medicine that knocks you out for a little while. I will sleep in about an hour and if I am lucky I will stay that way for a while. I guess I should be thankful that I can at least watch cable. We never had that when we were kids. The only shows during the day were soapĀ operas to watch with mom. Ugh ! Those were the worst. At least until cartoons came on. Hey I have cartoon channels. Maybe I will watch some of those.

Old VCR Tapes

by on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Going through the garage I found an old box filled with VCR tapes. You know, those huge plastic rectangles containing spools of magnetic tape? The ones that used to cost $39 and $49 for the newest releases back in the 1980’s?

It was kind of cool to look at all those old movie titles and remembering why I liked them enough to spend that kind of money on them. and now they are not even worth $2 at the Goodwill or Used DVD stores. Not exactly a good investment in those tapes, was it?

Big win

by on Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Last night the Tennessee Titans won their second preseason game against the Tampa Bay Bucs, it was not a great game to watch it was sloppy, with a lot of mistakes, but it was football and my team won. So it was a great night for me. Our defense looks tough and it looks like we will not miss the departed Albert Haynesworth as much as I feared. It looks like another tough season to watch, all the games will be close with defense and a good kicker as our winning edge. I can not wait for the regular season to start in a few weeks.

Football on TV

by on Sunday, August 9th, 2009

With the upcoming start of the NFL football season I am getting ready to watch a lot of football on TV. I got the NFL Sunday Ticket from Direct TV and I can not wait for the season to begin. The NFL Sunday Ticket schedule is filled with great games, I can watch all of the Tennessee Titans games but that is not the only team that I follow, The NFL Sunday Ticket will allow me to see all of the Arizona Cards games and that is huge for me, I have been a Cards fan since I was a lad of 8-9 and that is a long time ago.

The NFL Sunday Ticket price is right in my ball park and that was a huge relief to me, I love football and my wife lets me watch all the football I want but it can not be a burden on my family and with the NFL Sunday Ticket it is priced right in my budget.

The first pre season game is tonight and I can not wait for kickoff. I love the Tennessee Titans and I will be watching tonight as they kick off the 2009 NFL football season against the Buffalo Bills in the Hall of Fame Classic. The dry spell for football fans like me is over tonight and I am one happy camper.

Nothing on TV

by on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

The one thing besides the heat that I dislike about the summer season is the fact there is nothing on TV at all to watch, I am not interested in watching reruns and most of the new shows that show up in the summer time really suck. The one notable exception is Big Brother which will be starting a new season in a couple of weeks, the first week in July the new season starts and that will be one show that I will watch and enjoy, at least I have enjoyed it every summer since it first came on the scene. I can not wait for the first drama to start.