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Cut the Head off of the Snake

by on Monday, May 2nd, 2011

The way to kill a snake has long been told in fables and throughout history you have to cut off its head. That is the analogy for fighting battles and winning wars – you can churn through soldiers, but until you got the men in command they will continue to fight.

Last night, President Obama came on late night TV with a special announcement that the world’s world terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed by a team of Navy Seals who surrounded a compound in Pakistan, endured a firefight and killed Bin Laden.

That is quite a victory for America and the world who have been subjected to his vicious attacks against innocent people in major cities and on airplanes. I am glad that they have cut off the head of this snake, but I am angry that he was found in Pakistan.

Election Day

by on Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Election Day for the 2008 Presidential election is just in a few hours and I for one am very ready for all the hysteria to be over. I fear it is a far gone conclusion that McCain will lose this election and I blame Caribou Barbie for the loss of this very winnable election. As she was called the other night on David Letterman “Bible Spice’ has been a ratings disaster this election. I think McCain had the election won if he had chosen a better running mate, even the bad choice of Mitt Romney would of been better than “Bible Spice”. I can not even say her name with out thinking ‘you bet ya’. O Well let us hope that in four years we have a better choice for the Republican party to grapple the office away from Obama.

Who will the Presidential hopefuls choose?

by on Sunday, July 13th, 2008

With the election closing in very fast the main debate now is not who to choose for President but who will the Presidential candidates choose to be their running mates. The lists that I have seen do not encourage me a whole lot, I hope they choose a good person to be on their ticket this fall. Some on the Vice Presidential lists are there to offset Clinton as a choice. The choice this fall is important to our country for the next four years, so go vote.

Clinton out on Friday

by on Thursday, June 5th, 2008

At last Hillary Clinton is calling it quits in her campaign to become President. I am sure she will try to wiggle her way into the White House as the Vice president. There is no way Obama will want Bubba around the White House, no way no how.  Obama would be smart to distance himself as far from the low life Clinton’s as he can. No way would I turn my back on Bill “Bubba” Clinton he can not be trusted and will do anything to get the power of the White House back to his family.