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No More Paper Receipts

by on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Kudos to K-Mart for stopping the waste of paper by not giving out paper receipts any more. You are supposed to sign up for their shopper card and give them an email address. Once you are signed up, your receipt is sent by email to you and they don’t waste the paper from the cash register.

I think that is a great idea. How many people just automatically throw the paper receipts into the trash as soon as they get home? I don’t know about you, but I only keep receipts if they are a tax deduction or a big ticket item that I want to have proof of purchase in case something goes wrong with the item and I need to return it or call on the warranty.

The extra benefit of paperless receipts is that every purchase gives you bonus points that accumulate over the year. The points can be redeemed for immediate cash credit against your purchase at any time. So, today I bought about $30 worth of household stuff and applied my bonus points to get a cash credit of $13. That was like getting 40% off all the stuff I bought, and I didn’t have to cut out coupons or just shop for sale items. It just went off my bill and all I had to pay was $17 at the register.

New Car Clearance

by on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Ads for the cars dealerships around here have really increased this month. It is the end of the model year and they are desperate to get rid of all the 2012 year mode inventory and make room for the new 2013 model years cars and trucks.

The TV models are almost always local girls who are pretty but have very little training on how to walk and talk at the same time for a dealership ad.. As long as they have a pretty face and big tits, they get on the air.

The next model years cars are not all that promising I haven’t seen any news from car shows about any big improvements or new concepts. Even the hybrid models are not selling as well as hoped. Its partly the blame of the manufacturers but I think it is also a reflection of the bad economy. People just can’t risk taking on a new car loan for $20K when they don’t have a good, full time job or their job is in jeopardy.

Once this economy starts getting better, we should see a pent up demand for new cars. They just have to wait a while longer – we should see things changing after the elections – one way or another.

Store Credit Cards

by on Thursday, January 19th, 2012

This past week I was shopping at various stores almost every night after work. It seems like this was the week to get all the errands run and all the things bought that I’ll need for the ever growing “honey do” list.

It seems like every store I went to tried to pitch me on signing up for either their store issued credit card or their store’s special frequent customer card. I already have a key chain full of those frequent customer cards and frankly, I don’t want any more garbage hanging on my key chain.

Store credit cards are another matter. I have read the terms and conditions for all the major retailer’s cards and not any of them are a good deal for the consumer. The interest rates are very high and late fees and penalties are extremely high.

I seriously do not recommend getting any of the retailers credit cards, except for possibly the convenience of a gas station branded card. If you get a gas station card, make sure you pay the balance in full every month, or the interest and fees add up really fast. Unless you like paying double the price at the pump over the course of a year, be extremely careful how you use and maintain a gas station credit card.

Check the Statements

by on Monday, November 21st, 2011

Most of the time I get my bank notice that my statement is ready for review and I just dlete the notice and don’t worry about. I manage my money closely and know what I put in thee ans what I am taking out. Therefore, I should know pretty close to the balance without going througha lot of drama once a month to balance the account.

For some reason I took a longer look at last month’s statement and damn, there is a $6 charge against that account by the bank. I’m thinking, WTF?, and called the bank. They said they are now charging $6 a month for me keeping a checking account at this bank. There’s no way to get rid of that charge except to change banks and find someone who will give me an account for free. So, now I’m on the hunt. I’ll be damned if I’m paying this bank $6 every month just for the privilege of them holding my money for me.

Piggy Banks

by on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

I believe I could safely bet that most American households have some sort of container that holds loose change. It might be on the night stand for emptying pockets at night before going to bed, it might be in the laundry room for the change found in pockets, or it might be on a kid’s dresser for his allowance or change that his parents toss his way.

I have a big plastic piggy bank that I bought at the Dollar Store. It holds about $300 of assorted change when it is full. I know this because I just took the piggy bank to my real bank and asked them to sort it all and deposit the total amount to my checking account.

I don’t need the money so badly that I am cashing in my piggy bank. It was full and I didn’t have anyplace else to put my loose change. So now the money is counted and credited to my account and we can start fresh with a little puddle of pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters in the bottom of the piggy bank.