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by on Monday, March 19th, 2012

I have noticed a decided lack of respect by kids today towards their elders. This really bothers me. It is as if they have no respect for themselves let alone anyone else, but they treat adults as if they have nothing but contempt for them and that is wrong. I was raised to show respect for my elders and that is what my children will be taught as well. However, you cannot control what kids learn in the schools now a days and that in itself bothers me. I am glad that my wife does not have to work, because we have spoken frequently about raising children and how we would accomplish that.

We want to be successful in our child rearing efforts, not only for our sake but more for the kids. Child rearing can be difficult and it is possible that we will home school to ensure that our children do not receive unwanted influences in their lives. It is a difficult decision though, for children need contact with other kids and finding the kind of atmosphere we wish them to participate in. We can only do our best, but since we haven’t any children yet it is not a big worry. I suppose we will deal with that as it comes later one.

Our house

by on Saturday, February 11th, 2012

I am refurbishing our house. I want it to look nice and be a place that we are proud of when we entertain. My wife is very particular about how the house looks and has made many overtures herself in making it a place that is not only comfortable, but elegant as well. We have decided to put in a gas fireplace in the living room and on the back patio. We want them in both places because we want places to entertain all through the year. Her mother helps with some of the ideas for the house, but that does not bother me as she has very good taste.

I think that we can put in built in shelves and such, along with the TV and other electronics to make it look good, and we definitely want tile throughout the house, except for our bedroom. I have to have carpet in there. I don’t like to get up and have my feet hit the cold floor. I would prefer carpet in that area. Other than that we are still in the planning stages of the remodel. It will take a while before we get the house the way we want it.

Newest WordPress

by on Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Believe me, I know full well that WordPress is free. I have been using WordPress for about three, maybe three and a half years. But it sure seems like lately I have to install way too many updates. This is the WordPress newest version and then all my plugins have to be monitored and updated. This is getting to be very cumbersome. I wish they would only do an upgrade once or twice a year. Not 2 and 3 times a month like it has been lately.

Cut the Head off of the Snake

by on Monday, May 2nd, 2011

The way to kill a snake has long been told in fables and throughout history you have to cut off its head. That is the analogy for fighting battles and winning wars – you can churn through soldiers, but until you got the men in command they will continue to fight.

Last night, President Obama came on late night TV with a special announcement that the world’s world terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed by a team of Navy Seals who surrounded a compound in Pakistan, endured a firefight and killed Bin Laden.

That is quite a victory for America and the world who have been subjected to his vicious attacks against innocent people in major cities and on airplanes. I am glad that they have cut off the head of this snake, but I am angry that he was found in Pakistan.

Awesome URL shortners

by on Thursday, April 7th, 2011

A URL shortner is something really cool for websites that have domains. I for one like to use them when sending people to places online as they are much easier to type in than a very long subdomain URL. I have found lots of trustworthy URL shortners over time and wanted to share them so other could enjoy the benefit of them. I decided to add my favorite website as the shortner URL Google URL shortner Tiny URL shortner Bitly URL shortner  IsGd URL shortner Owly URL shortner Snurl URL shortner Cligs URL shortner Orztw URL shortner