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More Flaws, More Fixes

by on Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Some people say that you have no right to complain about something that is free. I have taken advantage of a lot of free things over the years. Such as my free public education. I went to kindergarten and then grades 1 through 12. It was free to me, except for the cost of supplies, like notebooks and paper. But it wasn’t really free – someone, ie taxpayers, paid for it.

Now we have the internet and my email account with Yahoo has been free for over 14 years. I use Firefox for my browser, which is free from Mozilla, and I installed the free blog software from WordPress. Most of these have been good, solid performers. The biggest problem for me is the constant upgrades. I get comfortable with my stuff and then someone decides they have a better idea and they go and change it. Arrgghhh!

An App for That

by on Monday, November 14th, 2011

The new catchphrase this year has got to be, “There’s an app for that.” I read today that there are over 1 million apps. How in the hell can a normal person stay on top of all those apps? That is crazy to think we, the general public, have such a great need, desire and demand for little bits of software to solve all our problems or make life so much easier for us.

The only app that I can thin of that would help me is one that would tell me exactly where I set down my cell phone or car keys, or did someone move them in a cleaning frenzy. I think at least once a week I am searching for my damn phone because it is not where I thought I left it.

Notebook vs Netbook vs Tablet

by on Monday, November 7th, 2011

My girlfriend has been dropping big hints about wanting a netwbook. I thought it would be smart to go to Electronics Express and take a look at the netbooks. I haven’t really paid much attention to them – they are cheap and small and not something I’ve been worried about. I have a big screen laptop that I love and would never be happy with a tiny 9″ netbook screen.

So I went into the store and told the guy I was looking for something for my girlfriend, maybe her Christmas present. Of course, she was not with me, and I am not sure spending that much money on something for her is a good idea without her along to tell me which ones she likes. But I took a look at what they had, and damn those things are small. I guess she could drop one into her big ass purse and be a happy girl.

I have to think about it before I make a decision about going with a small one or getting her a new tablet, which is the way I would go. At least I know what the netbooks look like now, and if she has her heart set on one, then I guess Santa will have to pony up.

Newest WordPress

by on Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Believe me, I know full well that WordPress is free. I have been using WordPress for about three, maybe three and a half years. But it sure seems like lately I have to install way too many updates. This is the WordPress newest version and then all my plugins have to be monitored and updated. This is getting to be very cumbersome. I wish they would only do an upgrade once or twice a year. Not 2 and 3 times a month like it has been lately.

Getting my money back

by on Sunday, May 17th, 2009

With the hit that my 401K has taken this last year or so I have made the huge decision to get some help from an Online Broker, and try to save my retirement plan. I was able to transfer my money to Firstrade for free and that was a nice move on our part as far as I am concerned.

Online Trading is a huge business and I am pleased that I have found a great partner for this venture in Firstrade, they have become my stock trading advisor and online broker.  I think I can get back to level with my 401K with just a little smart money management and Firstrade has been giving me some great advise and I think we are on the right road to recovery in this troubled market.

Firstrade has shown me the path to getting my feet back under me and my money and now I just have to wait and see. I am very positive about this online trading move and I can not wait to see the results. Just a couple of months ago we were almost dead broke and starting over again from the bottom, and at almost 50 that is a very scary proposition for us.