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by on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

The time for school to start is quickly getting here and I for one am not ready for all the extra activities that will now be going on. David is going to a school in our area now and that means that we will be more and more involved in his life and in his school activities this year. The one thing that I do not like is the lists that each school sends out, they want way more than a student can use in a year, I guess it is so that if a student does not have anything they can provide it from the extra that each student is asked to provide. I guess that I think it is the schools place to provide this not the student that can barely make it to school with what they need. I guess I am just set in my ways and grumpy.

Daughter’s new job

by on Friday, February 13th, 2009

Got a phone call from my daughter today, she has enrolled in a Technical College to get her degree in Medical billing. I think that medical billing jobs will be one of the careers that will not feel the pinch of the sour economy.

I know that she has the brains and the ability to do any job that she likes and if she throws herself into this medical billing career she will do very well in it. I am very proud of my daughter and I will support her in every thing that she tries for a career. I think this one will be a good start top a career that she will enjoy.

Career Education has a great web site and they have the support to help the students get their questions answered and to help the kids keep on the right track as they study to get themselves ready to hit the bricks looking for a great job in the career field they have been studying for. Check out their web site at and see if they have a career path for you to get yourself ready to join the working folks out trying to make a great living in their chosen field.

School for sister

by on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

My sister has begun her classes in Real estate Investment at a great college, Nouveau Riche has a wonderful college level curriculum in the Real Estate Business. I know my sister will learn a lot of Nouveau Riche University and I know she will be able to use what she learns while attending Nouveau Riche University when she gets out in the real world of Real Estate Sales. In my family it is very important for each of the children to get as much education as they can, my parents feel that an education is the rock to build your future on, All of the kids have went as far as they could in school and now my youngest sister will be following in our footsteps and we are all very proud of her and know that she will do well in her studies.

Nouveau Riche University has a great program and nmy sister is very excited to get her education started and I am so very proud of her. Stella is a lot younger than I am, she is the youngest and I am the oldest but she has my full support and I have checked into Nouveau Riche University and I see that they have a full program in the Real Estate Business and I know they will help my sister get her feet under her in the Real Estate Business.

I can not wait for her to get started at Nouveau Riche University, I will be following her progress every step of the way.

Student papers

by on Thursday, September 25th, 2008

In the last year as my youngest daughter has been learning about the life and times of a college freshman, I think the first thing she is being overwhelmed with is the amount of work that the teachers are asking for, it is an overwhelming task to keep up with the term papers and other assignments that have been assigned to her class. First she found an essay editing service to help with the volume of paperwork that is assigned every week to her and her classmates. Her next step to help get her home work done was to find a service at her school that offers papers for sale, she has used these papers to supplement her course studies and to help when time restraints becomes an issue. When your a full time student it is not easy to get your work done on time and have it done correctly. My daughter has had to purchase essays and papers to keep her grades up, I think of it as doing research and I still think she is learning what she needs and I know my daughter will be a great student and get her work done in a timely fashion. She is a great girl and a top notch student who needs a little help and has been a great aid in her studies.

Real Estate College

by on Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Real Estate College is a pretty new and very interesting type of school. My sister is going to The Nouveau Riche University to study Real Estate Investment. This seems to be a very good field to get into right now and I am very happy that she has chosen this to be her career path. Nouveau Riche University is a wonderful way to learn the important study path of real estate investment and my sister is very happy with their study curriculum.

I looked into Nouveau Riche University and I was surprised to see all of the different studies you can get at their school. I feel that my sister is going in the right direction with this fine school and I may just have to join her in her studies to see if this is a path that I would like to follow myself.

Every class at Nouveau Riche University has been designed to teach you the how to of real estate investment using both long term and short term investment strategies. Check out the great web site for Nouveeau Riche University at See if this fine University is for you. They can get you headed in the right direction in this tough economy. The college courses can be found at this web site, I can not wait to get started with my studies at this great school.