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Falling Leaves and Acorns

by on Thursday, October 11th, 2012

This morning there was enough breeze that the leaves are starting to fall off the trees in my neighborhood and blow across everyone’s yards. I have a lot of trees in the yard – both front yard and back yard, so I spend a lot of time raking those fucking leaves up every year. I think I pulled about 40 huge plastic leaf bags full from just the back yard last year.

The asshole county landfill has decided that plastic trash bags and plastic leaf bags are a burden on the landfill, so you are not allowed to bring leaves and yard waste to the landfill in plastic bags anymore. You have to use brown kraft paper bags – which suck ass if they get wet because then the bottom falls out and all the fucking leaves get dumped right back out on the street or the yard – or worse, in the trunk of your fucking car. Who’s bright idea was that?

Landscaper My Ass

by on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

I am so sick of these unskilled hooligans trying to pass themselves off as landscapers. Most of them are nothing more than grass cutters. It takes much more than just pushing a big lawnmower around someone yard to call yourself a landscaper. If you don’t know how or when to trim shrubbery and spread mulch, you aint shit.

Home Depot

by on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Home depot is the man place. It is our favorite place to spend money on tools and various other implements to make life and home repair easier. Like every other man I know, I love to shop a Home Depot. I have a few things to buy today to replace old equipment I use for my garden. I need a new tiller and hand tools as well. I am also thinking about buying a new mower. If I buy one that I can attach a tiller to it, that will make things much easier and I can enlarge the garden like I want to.

My garden is already large, but as I want to add a few new veggies to the planting, I am going to have to add more rows as well. I also need to buy some organic garden soil to add to my garden beds. We do not like pesticides either so we use other methods to keep posts off of our plants. My list is growing as I type and realize there were a few things I had forgotten. No matter though, if I forget something I will just go back. I wish everyone luck with their own gardens this year.


by on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

The one thing I absolutely love about spring is the Tulips. The various colors and such are a breath taking sight to behold. I know that not many men appreciate flowers as I do, but I cannot help but to love their sight and smells. I enjoy gardening and plant both flowers and vegetables in my gardens. I like the old fashioned feel of the soil in through my fingers. It is as if I can absorb the energy of the earth. Well, that is what my wife tells me that it is anyway. Personally, I just enjoy it.

I am going to plant the usual vegetables this year as well as a bit more squash. I have found that I like a lot of different kinds of squash than I did when I was younger. Spaghetti squash is one of them, as well as acorn squash. They are so very easy to make and taste so good when they are seasoned right.  My wife, the wonderful cook that she is, can make whatever I plant in our garden and it is always very good. The best cooked food is that which is grown at home. Remember that always and plant a garden. It will make you happy.

Our house

by on Saturday, February 11th, 2012

I am refurbishing our house. I want it to look nice and be a place that we are proud of when we entertain. My wife is very particular about how the house looks and has made many overtures herself in making it a place that is not only comfortable, but elegant as well. We have decided to put in a gas fireplace in the living room and on the back patio. We want them in both places because we want places to entertain all through the year. Her mother helps with some of the ideas for the house, but that does not bother me as she has very good taste.

I think that we can put in built in shelves and such, along with the TV and other electronics to make it look good, and we definitely want tile throughout the house, except for our bedroom. I have to have carpet in there. I don’t like to get up and have my feet hit the cold floor. I would prefer carpet in that area. Other than that we are still in the planning stages of the remodel. It will take a while before we get the house the way we want it.