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Coffee Mugs

by on Monday, October 3rd, 2011

My morning routine includes making a small pot of coffee and pouring the hot, rich, elixir of life into my favorite mug. I seriously need coffee first thing in the morning or I am grumpy and sluggish for hours.

My favorite coffee mug is a strange one. I got it by happenstance. A local radio station had several of them custom printed with the name of their morning drive time radio personality. Then they changed formats and dumped that personality – plus the rest of the mugs that now have the wrong name on them. I was able to grab two of them that didn’t get smashed when they were dumped.

It’s not that I care at all about the radio personality or the radio station. The mugs are great – they are made of ironstone, they have a wider top than the bottom, which helps keep the temperature regulated, and the inside of the cup is white so I can easily see if the dishwasher did a thorough job cleaning them.

Sports town

by on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Nashville is not really considered a big sports town but I disagree with that assumption. We have the very best team in pro football this year with the Tennessee Titians and our pro hockey team has made the playoffs 4 straight seasons, add in the local college football teams Vanderbilt and TSU. Plus you have a huge following of The Vols and many other college teams here I think that we have a huge sports town. One way of deciding this is what is the number one radio station in town? Here it is a sports talk station 104.5 that tells me that we have a huge sports town going on what do you think?