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Can’t Beat Em? Join Em!

by on Saturday, April 28th, 2012

same side

Sometimes I want to be bad. It feels good and adds a sense of excitement to the moment. You get to revel in the experience of being bad, plus you get to relive it later in your mind as often as you want to – especially if it turned out well. So if you can’t beat your demons or you don’t want to – join them!

Lunch at Hooters

by on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

My buddy Owen wanted to meet up for lunch so I suggested Hooters. I like the atmosphere of the Hooters restaurants and the food is pretty good, too.  He didn’t  think twice – he agreed and we’ll be downtown at noon.

Noon is not the best time to go to lunch if you can avoid it, but some of us don’t have a choice. The restaurants are the busiest, so service is usually slow. But the food will be fresh and hot, and sometimes the crowd makes for good people watching and adds some buzz to the air.

The Hooters downtown is the best one. The girls are gorgeous and work the hardest of all the Hooters around town. The ones down in Antioch are probably the worst. I don’t see how that place even keeps its doors open any more. No one wants to see all the skinny crack hoes walking around in shorts in a daze. Half the time they don’t even get your order right and they could care less about checking back to see if you want another beer or need ketchup or anything. But downtown rocks and that’s where I’ll be in a few hours.

A shop named Desire that sells love!

by on Friday, October 14th, 2011

Whenever I find something good, especially as good as this, you already know I am going to post about it. Thus, let me go ahead and tell you about this fucking awesome sex shop named Desire that sells everything a player could ever want to help with the love making between you and your special someone or people, lol. Besides having one of the best names for a sex shop it also has some of the best prices on sex toys I have ever seen online, and a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, selection of dvds and blu-ray discs.

Something like this only comes around every couple of years and thus when you find it make sure to point it out because this sex shop is the shit, my friend, and you and your friends should give it a peek sometime to see if they have something you can use to enhance your love making. I for one have stocked up on lots of dvds and a little lube and a couple of sex toys I plan on using this weekend! Please do share what you got my friends I am always interested in learning about some great adult products the work! I just do not have the time to look through all the hundred of thousands toys and dvds out there.

Cant afford a blog get a free one already!

by on Thursday, September 8th, 2011

I hear from people all the time that say i can not afford a blog because of the cost of the domain , blogging software and hosting costs or even the content. I always smile when I hear this because there are plenty of free blogging websites out there that do not require your or me to pay a dime or penny to use them to store your thoughts ideas or rants, lol. Steves Unblog Mikes XLogz Tonys Thoughts Franks Webs Carls Piczo Aarons Webnode Johhny Tripod Johhny Angelfire

Microblogging services are not a fad!!

by on Monday, August 8th, 2011

Twitter is great but there are many other microblogging services out there that in my opinion are just as good as the real deal itself. I for one like to get the word out when it comes to stuff i like and microblogging services are a great way to do just that! I have listed the top 5 i choose to use in hopes you will find one you will like use! My Presntly My Jaiku My Wassr My Blogy My Hictu