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Leak in the basement

by on Monday, May 4th, 2009

With all the rain over the weekend we wound up with a leak in our basement. The water got into a lot of the boxes and got a lot of our treasures wet. Some of that stuff had been in the basement for twenty years, a real shame for it to get wet most of it will have to be thrown away and that is a tragedy. Lets hope the rain lets up for a couple of days so we can get it all taken outside and go through it to see what we can salvage if any thing. Then we will have to get the leak fixed and that could cost a mint.

Grilling in the rain

by on Monday, April 20th, 2009

Lit the grill tonight to put some chicken on there and of course it started to rain. I guess any one that needs some rain could just pay me to fire up the grill and in a snap you have instant rain. I do not care I have been going out to check on the chicken in the rain and just as I get ready to take it off the grill it stops raining. Who would of figured that? I guess a little rain is better than a lot of rain and way better than no rain at all, so now that I have shut the grill off it can rain all it wants.


by on Monday, April 13th, 2009

The city of Murfreesboro is feeling the pain after the tornadoes hit that fine city on Friday, over 200 homes and business were damaged and 2 people killed when their house fell on them trying to get to their car. From time to time we get a huge amount of bad weather and late last week was an example of that. Today the weather forecasters are calling for bad weather again, lets hope that they are wrong and we can get back to living our lives with out the storms that we get here in Middle Tennessee from time to time.


by on Monday, April 6th, 2009

One of the things that I have heard many times about weather both in Oklahoma where I grew up and here in Nashville Tennessee where I now live, is just wait it will change soon if you do not like it today. That is the case today we are in the midst of almost a winter day after it being 75 and sunny yesterday. We had to pull in all of our plants today cause they are calling for wind cold and maybe snow for the next two days. By the weekend we will be back to almost normal, warm and rain. That is much better than cold and snow, that is for sure.


by on Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Yesterday the weather hit a record temperature for that date of 80 degrees today it is cloudy snowing and very cold, it will not get out of the 30’s today or tomorrow. I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind either it is still winter or it is spring time, i’m ok either way, but all this jumping around is killing me. I do not feel my best when it is cold one day and warms up for only a day or two, my old fat body can not handle the extremes it has been going through. Let us hope this is the last gasp of winter and we can get on with spring time I for one am more than ready.