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Really cool Tagging and Bookmarking services

by on Saturday, May 7th, 2011

If your like most people if you have quite a bit of favorite website and organizing all of them in your browser can be quite hard to do. With tagging and bookmarking websites you can bookmark all your favorite websites and tag them to easily find them once again. I have found lots of great websites over time that allow you to do these things for free and are pretty simple to use. I listed them below in what i consider the order of best first. My Delicious My Blinklist  My Url My Folked

Awesome URL shortners

by on Thursday, April 7th, 2011

A URL shortner is something really cool for websites that have domains. I for one like to use them when sending people to places online as they are much easier to type in than a very long subdomain URL. I have found lots of trustworthy URL shortners over time and wanted to share them so other could enjoy the benefit of them. I decided to add my favorite website as the shortner URL Google URL shortner Tiny URL shortner Bitly URL shortner  IsGd URL shortner Owly URL shortner Snurl URL shortner Cligs URL shortner Orztw URL shortner