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NFL Playoffs – or Not?

by on Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Today is the day that key football teams will find out if they are contenders in this year’s Super Bowl or not. My team folded a long time ago – they started out losing and never really caught up to get a wild card chance of playing. So most of us are watching to see if the teams we hate will lose, and which of the teams that are left on the field might be worthy of us cheering for them.

My own picks for who will play in the Super Bowl are the San Francisco 49’ers and the Baltimore Ravens. I’m not saying that I like either of those teams, I’m just picking them out of the rest of the teams still in the running as being able to pull off enough wins to make it to the Bowl. In a way, I hope my picks don’t prove true, because I don’t like either team. In fact, I despise the Ravens and think they are nothing but a bunch of overpaid thugs.

But, we’ll see by morning if my picks are still on track.

Video Game Addiction

by on Monday, September 24th, 2012

On impulse I picked up a video game while shopping at WalMart. Its a guy game – first person shooter. I’m pretty good at those and I can spend hours in the living room working my way through jungles, abandoned villages and city streets looking for enemies to take out.

We’ve got several different gaming systems here at the house and play just about any game except for the X-Box games. I’m just not willing to spend another $300 on one more video gaming system. I’ve got some buddies who have the X-Box and they swear by it. In a pinch I could probably hang out at their place for a few hours and play games on their system. But to be honest, I’d rather play at home alone and not have the distraction of other people watching or trying to talk to you while concentrating on my next target.

I’ll stick with my Playstation 3 and there are plenty of games for this system. most nights there is just crap on TV and I’d rather play a game than be forced to watch the crap they call entertainment on network TV and cable. Just don’t walk in front of me when I’m trying to get to the next level of my damn game.

Brutal hockey hit

by on Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I like to watch hockey and there has been an incident that has rocked the Phoenix Coyotes. Their forward Raffi Torres has been suspended for twenty five games, for hitting Marian Hossa in the head and sending him off of the ice on a stretcher. As one of Phoenix’s main players, this will seriously hamper their games for a while. I am not a Phoenix fan myself, but I certainly feel for them as a team. I am even more concerned about Marian Hossa and hope that this doesn’t have any long term effects for him and his career.

The Black Hawks will have a  difficult time in this post season without Marian on the ice. I certainly feel for their club right now as they have been doing very well this year. I can only hope that Raffi will learn his lesson throughout this suspension and quit playing with such brutality. This is not of course the first time for him, as he is a very aggressive player. He needs to realize that head shots are illegal in the game and will not be tolerated at all. I would hate to see him banned from the sport he loves so much.

Old Sports Games

by on Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Looking at my DVD and video games on the shelf, I just realized that I have way too many old sports games. They go way back and I never play those things. I wonder if I can sell the old ones for a couple of bucks? I called the used DVD and games store and the guy told me that he won’t give me even $2 per game – no one wants them. Geez – I paid about $50 a piece for those games and now he tells me they aren’t worth even two bucks? That’s just crazy – I’m not spending any more money buying sports games, that’s for sure. I’ll rent them for $2 at Redbox and that way I’ll only be in the hole $2 instead of $50.

Football’s Growing Female Audience

by on Saturday, October 1st, 2011

American football is not know as the American sport, but if you were honest about who watches all the games, I think you find that football has surpasses baseball. In fact, I believe, Football is the most popular, followed by basketball, then baseball and hockey. I know that NASCAR fits in there somewhere, but not really sure where, and I’m not a fan of racing anyway.

I read in the newspaper that last year, Women accounted for on third of the audience of all football games. I think that is amazing. I wonder how many of those women are married as opposed to single? That would tell an interesting tale of the female profile.