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New passion

by on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

As the weather has gotten warmer I have been out riding my bicycle a lot and I have decided to get a new bike and one for my wife too. We started looking at new bikes and found out that the local bike shops charge an arm and a leg for a new bike. We have been looking at Raleigh Bikes and Giant Bikes as well as some new bicycle accessories to make our rides even safer and a lot more comfortable. We have found a great web site with every kind of bike and bicycle accessories under the sun. National Cycles has a great web site with a huge selection of great bikes and all of the bicycle accessories you could ever think of buying, and on top of the selection their prices matched or even beat any of the local bike shops here in Nashville.

National Cycles is a top performer in my books and I will give them all of our bicycle business, they also have a lot of other products on their web site including books on riding and all kinds of bicycle gadgets to select from. I like looking at off the wall gadgets for bikes well for about anything including bikes too.

After we get our new bikes I would love to take a riding trip across Europe and that is on our list of great things to do when we retire here in a few years it will be a reality, one that I can not wait for. I wish it was retirement time already I am ready to hit the trail on my new Giant Bike and see the world.

Sand and golf

by on Friday, June 19th, 2009

My wife loves the sand and the ocean and I love to make her happy and to play golf. So you add all these things up and I see a trip to Myrtle Beach to play in the sand and water and fro me to get in some great golf. Myrtle Beach golf vacations are right up our alley and I think it is one of the very best places to play golf anytime of year. The Myrtle Beach golf package I found on this fantastic web site was perfect for us it allowed me to play some great golf and my wife to get her time on the beach, just the two things we wanted from this trip.

We found some great golf packages Myrtle Beach and that is a site that we will vist many times a year it is a very short trip from here in Nashville to Myrtle Beach and it has everything we want in our vacation sites. Golf, sand, and the ocean, it has an abundance of all three and that is all we are looking for in our vacation home. I can not wait for this July trip to be here, I have been saving up all of my golf for this one trip and it can not come soon enough for me.

Second Honeymoon

by on Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Since we did not get any kind of a honeymoon when we got married we have decided this summer to sneak away for a second honeymoon. As most Americans that can not afford to travel abroad we have chosen Niagara Falls as our site for our second honeymoon. We will be staying at the Rydges Hotel and we will not be going over the falls in a barrel. We searched for cheap hotels in Niagara Falls and we think we have found a very nice hotel that we can at the same time afford.

Cheaper than Hotels has a very nice web site with so many good affordable hotels to stay in it amazes me to no end. We have been wanting to go on this special trip for a very long time and now is the perfect time to celebrate our second honeymoon and have a very nice trip at the same time.

We will be using this web site to search for any hotels we will be staying in and I feel very confident we will find the very best rates any where in the world. At some point after we both retire we will be looking to do a lot more traveling around the world so I will keep this great web site in mind for that too.


by on Sunday, June 7th, 2009

This summer we are planning a trip to the Gettysburg battle field and we will be staying at the Gettysburg camping facility. I can not wait for this trip, rv camping Gettysburg has been a trip I have wanted to take for several years and this year I will finally get to see this great battle field that has been in my mind since grade school when I first learned about the Civil War.

There are many Pa RV camping sites available and the top one at least in my mind are the great camp grounds at the Gettysburg battle field, I was amazed to see them offering free camping and this was the final straw that got my wife to agree to go on this trip with me.

I am not sure if they teach as much Civil War in the schools as they used to when I was in school but I for one think that era is a very important one in developing our country into the great country we are now. I want my kids and grand kids to learn about this great country and visiting the battlefield in Gettysburg will be a great start to the education. Plus they get to travel with me and see the country through my eyes.


by on Saturday, June 6th, 2009

This is the very first weekend we have had off in over three years and I do not know what to do with myself. I would like to head down to the lake and go fishing and I might later I know that my wife has some honey do’s for me to get done and I guess I better get hopping on the list if I want to have any free time today or tomorrow. I do not have time to get a lot done so days like today are very valuable to me. I have to get my motorcycle out and haul it to the shop and that will be one of the first things I get done today, then cut the grass and pull some weeds in the garden, then maybe a nap. I think the nap should come first.