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by on Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Hockey season is just around the corner it starts not long after football season begins and that gets rolling next week. I have become a huge hockey fan since I moved to Nashville, Finding tickets to a Titians football game is next to impossible and very expensive, so I have started going to the Predators hockey games, over the last 3 years I have only missed a handful of games and even went to an away game in San Jose, now that was an experience. I love the Predators but this year it looks like I will only be able to attend a few games the price has went up to much for me to afford season tickets and that pretty much has me bummed out, I will go to as many games as I can afford and hope that next year things are better and I will be able to get my season tickets back.

Summer rain

by on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Every year at the end of summer we get some blessed rain and now we are getting our summer rains here in Tennessee. The rains we are getting now are a result of Hurricane Faye, the same storm that hit Florida over and over again. I am very glad we are not getting the flooding rains but slow soaking rains that we really need here. We had a very wet spring and a very dry August until this week. Now everything can get green again and be ready as we head into the fall of the year and watch the turning of the leaves, a sight I love to watch.

New search engine

by on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Rank Noodle is a brand new search engine that I have started using to look up items. The last couple of weeks I have found so much more using this extra search engine, it is amazing. The act of the search is only one part of using the information gathered, and the more information you can acquire the better your voice is when you write your blog. has one page that I love, the list of the top 100 searches for that day has been so very helpful to me in my quest for information, Thank You rank Noodle. Check out the great new search engine at, and see if they have some information for you there.

Dry spell

by on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

The first half of August has been very dry and it has been a chore to keep up with watering the plants and the yard. I know some grasses are better when dealing with dry conditions. I think I will have to look into getting a more hardy grass to plant in the front yard. The grass we have there now dries up with only a couple of days of no rain and we are looking at almost three weeks with nothing but a few showers. One thing that does very well in dry conditions is the weeds they have got a good head start on me and are spreading faster than I can get to them it seems. Maybe we will get a bit of rain from the storm that is in Florida right now, but it does not look real good for even that I guess I will start the sprinkler tonight and get everything wet, that is the very best way to make it rain that or wash the truck, that works every time too.

Time for school to start

by on Sunday, August 17th, 2008

My oldest daughter Cassie is a senior at Brentwood high school this year and is already looking ahead to next year when she will be attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Like almost every other student in America she will need financial help to afford to attend any college. Let alone one of the most expensive in Vanderbilt.

We have begun the task for finding scholarships as well as student loans to help her with the financial burden that college has become. Looking for scholarships on the Internet was very easy to do and so simple once we found Next Student.

The best site we have found to continue this search is Next Student they have a very informative web site with private student loans as well as scholarships to offer to students. The fact that I like the best about this great site is that they have personally selected Education Finance Advisors to assist the students in their search for financial aid. Check out their web site at to find all the financial help your student will need this year. They have a great selection of student loans as well as scholarships to offer, and the staff was so very friendly and very helpful when we contacted them.