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Student papers

by on Thursday, September 25th, 2008

In the last year as my youngest daughter has been learning about the life and times of a college freshman, I think the first thing she is being overwhelmed with is the amount of work that the teachers are asking for, it is an overwhelming task to keep up with the term papers and other assignments that have been assigned to her class. First she found an essay editing service to help with the volume of paperwork that is assigned every week to her and her classmates. Her next step to help get her home work done was to find a service at her school that offers papers for sale, she has used these papers to supplement her course studies and to help when time restraints becomes an issue. When your a full time student it is not easy to get your work done on time and have it done correctly. My daughter has had to purchase essays and papers to keep her grades up, I think of it as doing research and I still think she is learning what she needs and I know my daughter will be a great student and get her work done in a timely fashion. She is a great girl and a top notch student who needs a little help and has been a great aid in her studies.

No lines tonight

by on Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

As I went to fill up my truck to get ready to go to work tonight I noticed that most of the gas stations had gas and most of the gas stations had no line of people waiting to get gasoline. What a change from a few days ago when here in Nashville we had some places where a two hour wait was the norm. I do not wait well to start with and some people were losing their minds from being in the long lines I guess. The police even coined a phrase for it “gas rage” was a new term to me and I am really glad that I was not involved with anyone who had gas rage. I am very glad that the worst of the shortage seems to be over and now we can get to the business of doing life things and not worry about finding gasoline.

Business growth

by on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

In order to help in every way that we can, to get our small delivery business to grow as it should, we have decided to use some new marketing strategies to help build our business and keep our profit margin growing. We have decided to use Gentle Rain Marketing to help us with this business strategy. Gentle Rain Marketing offers a great turnkey marketing system that requires no cold calling and absolutely no hard selling. They offer to the small business a package that includes a marketing coach and a program to leverage a lot of free information that can be used to turn potential clients into return customers that will help my business grow and prosper into the next generation and beyond. Every small business has a need for more new clients in addition to getting your current clients to return to your business. To help our business grow is our plan for this next year and beyond to get our small business off the ground floor and into the sky where it belongs. With the help of these marketing strategies and this fine company I feel that we can get to the next level with our small newspaper delivery company.

Watch Bands

by on Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Watch bands are just not made for big guys. I’ve got big arms and hands and I’ve always had a hard time finding a watch that will fit on my wrist without cutting into my skin. I’m pretty much giving up on buying any watches or watch bands from the regular stores like Wal-Mart because they are always too small and they hurt. But while on a drive across Oklahoma I happened into a store called Casual Male and they had a nice selection of inexpensive watches with watch bands made especially for large men. So of course i bought one, but now i wish I had bought two so that when this one breaks or gets lost i will have another one ready to wear.

In Need of New jokes

by on Sunday, September 21st, 2008

The jokes that I use are pretty stale, and I am in dire need of a new set of jokes to tell, so I started looking around on the internet for new jokes to tell. I never realized how hard it is to be funny without offending someone, as lots of jokes are targeting people of race or gender. But there some some good jokes online if you know where to look.

Years ago there were dozens of blonde jokes being circulated. Some of them are so funny that even the blondes have to laugh!