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New banners at work

by on Monday, October 20th, 2008

We recently discovered the need to place new banners for our small delivery business on our new building, and the amazing company that we have chosen to produce out new building banners was FASTSIGNS, they have a wonderful reputation in the printing business, and they had done some decals to place on our delivery vans for us before and they did a wonderful job on the van decals that we ordered last winter.

This great printing company does Posters in addition to Banners and Decals. In addition we will be using them to do our advertising banners for our company golf tournament in the spring. FASTSIGNS has been very good to our business and we are not afraid to recommend them to out business associates as well as to out friends and family for all of their printing needs.

FASTSIGNS uses technology, innovation and an well trained and very friendly staff to make buying signs, posters and banners very easy almost painless. The banners we have selected for our new building were ready to be installed in just a few days and they were exactly what we wanted from FASTSIGNS. Their work was top quality and I was really amazed that they got the banners to us in such a short time and that they were done exactly to the exact detail that we ordered. Check out the web site for FASTSIGNS and see if they can get your companies name out to the public like they have done over and over for us and our small delivery business.

Gas prices

by on Monday, October 20th, 2008

Today the price of gasoline hit a price it has not seen in almost a year here in Nashville, I paid $2.69 for regular unleaded fuel. I was amazed it had dropped that fast it was less than a month ago it was over $4.00 a gallon for gasoline here. The price of a barrel of oil keeps dropping too so I guess that means the price of gasoline will be going down even more very soon. It comes at a very good time for us we have been losing a bit of money due to high fuel prices and a lower price of fuel can only help our bottom line for our delivery business.

Christmas gifts

by on Monday, October 20th, 2008

To get an early start on shopping for my Christmas Gifts that I plan to give to family and friends this year I have been shopping at a wonderful site, Shop Wiki UK is a fantastic shopping mecca that has everything I could want to give for this holiday season. I was simply amazed at the selection of fine products and the price was about what I would of paid shopping here in Nashville.

The section of stocking stuffers was amazing I found something for everyone on my list, the stockings will be filled with top quality merchandise this year. I know my family will love the products I have found at Shop Wiki UK, I even found a few things to put into my own stocking on this great site. I will never have to find another site to purchase my Christmas gifts after finding this fine site. I bought three of the perfect little snow globes for my daughters to place in their homes, they were perfect gifts for the girls in my life.

Check out the web site at and see if you can find what you are looking for this year to give to your loved ones for Christmas. The selection was exactly what I was looking for in my gift buying location and the staff was very helpful with the shipping, all of my gift buying dilemmas was solved by one stop shopping at Shop Wiki UK. I am very pleased to recommend them to my family and friends to solve their shopping problems like I have this year.