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Mom’s new home

by on Sunday, November 30th, 2008

My Mother has moved to Virgina and has begun to build her new home and it has been quite an adventure to find the right one from the many Virgina home builders, I know that my Mom has checked out every site for Richmond new homes and has been looking into the builders in that area too. She has always wanted a new home, Virgina is the place that she has wanted to build her new home since she was a small girl there.

My Moms dad was a great builder of fine homes in that area of Virgina and I know that she will want to retire there and spend the rest of her days in the area where she grew up, and Hunt Homes has shown a very nice portfolio of new homes for her to choose from and from what she has said she is very happy with Hunt Homes as her selection to build her new home in Virgina.

Hunt Homes has a very nice web site at and I think they are a top notch this area of Virgina has a very stable housing market and that area of the United States has always been the first to recover when there has been a burb in the housing market and that is a big plus to us in this fragile economic time. I can not wait for my Mom to get her new home built and the first holidays we can spend in virgina at my Moms new home will be very special to me.

Snow tonight

by on Saturday, November 29th, 2008

The weather forecast is calling for rain mixed with snow for tonight and tomorrow. I can hardly wait I am so very excited about this forecast. Now I can plan on getting wet, having slick roads, and having to deal with the idiots from the south who can not drive in the snow. It is so bad here that if they predict snow the idiots run to the store to buy milk, bread and eggs. No matter if their fridge is full of the above items or not. I have long thought that Kroger pays the weathermen $50 for every time they say snow in their forecast. In the most asinine concept here in Tennessee, they let out school if they forecast snow, I mean before the first flake falls they are out of school and gone, that beats anything I have ever seen. I mean it snowed so much one year the roof of the cafeteria collapsed from the accumulated snow, they just made us eat lunch in our home rooms, no letting school out in Oklahoma for 3-4 feet of snow, here if they think it is going to snow school is canceled.

Best drink

by on Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

As I continue to work out I have tried very hard to drink the right things to keep my healthy and what I have found is that I really need a good protein drink while working out to keep my hydrated. The best whey protein drink I have found is on the web site for Energy First, they have a great selection of protein drinks and other vitamin products that will help keep you healthy and energized. I have never really liked any protein drinks I tried until I tried some of the fine products from Energy First. The very best protein drink that I have found is the Joe protein shake, it tastes good and is very good for you.

I think that making the drinks work for me that I take in during my work out, good protein shakes and vitamin drinks has helped me make my work outs better for me and that much more efficient. I have lost a lot of weight since I started this work out routine and I plan to keep at it until I get to my target weight andf then use the protein shakes to maintain my weight. At this rate I will be at my target weight by spring and ready to hit the beach and have some fun, thanks to the protein drinks and shakes from Energy First. I feel so very good about my weight loss and I want to spread the word about the fine products at Energy First.


by on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

With the snow swirling and the very cold wind howling, I braved the weather to fire up the grill and cook our supper. OK it wasn’t snowing and the wind was not howling all that much but it makes it sound better that way. A couple of days ago we bought some sirloin steaks and tonight was the perfect night to cook out. It will not be much longer and cooking out will be a memory. I hate to cook out in the snow.


by on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

As Christmas Day gets closer and closer, my kids have decided that they all three want new Ipods for their Christmas gift and then of course a lot of new music to go with it. After looking for many days it seems I have found the perfect site to select the music that I want to give as Christmas presents this year. has a very nice web site with a grand selection of music to select from. Every thing from George Strait for me to Diana Krall for the girl. The web site is top notch and can be found at, I was amazed to find such a great web site that had every thing I was looking for in one stop.

I know that all three of the kids would love this great web site too, but I think I will keep as my secret place to shop for great music. One thing that really like beside not having to go out in the cold and fight through a huge crowd to buy music in the local store, you can listen to any thing on their site to make sure you like it before you buy it, now tell me the mall has a deal like that for you music shopping. On top of that they are always changing their music so you get the freshest music to select from and they give away some very nice signed memorabilia too. I can not wait for Christmas Day to see their faces at the new music I have selected for them this year.