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Real Estate

by on Sunday, March 29th, 2009

With the real estate market in the tank we have done a lot of research and have decided to start finding us some affordable real estate to turn in to rentals for us to make a bit of money on to supplement our incomes.

One place we have marked as a possible site for us to start buying some real estate is Monmouth county in New Jersey. We have found a great partner in BRUCE GERMINSKY JERSEY SHORE REAL ESTATE, they have been very helpful on the phone and we will be taking a trip the New Jersey soon to start looking at properties. They have some great listing and in addition to nice homes they have commercial real estate too. In addition they have Professional & medical class A office space, retail, shopping centers to choose from. We may be in the market for some commercial real estate to supplement the residential housing we are looking at.

Bruce Germinski, Jersey Shores Real Estate have been the perfect partner for us on this project and I would recommend them to any one looking for quality real estate in Monmouth County New Jersey. They have helped us in every way we have asked and been very professional too. A dream about to come true needs good professionals to assist the dreamers in finding their dream and Bruce Germinski and his great staff have been great to us.

Beluga whales

by on Sunday, March 29th, 2009

As we looked at the web site for the Georgia Aquarium we noticed they have a live web cam on the Beluga Whales and that is very cool. We are making plans to take our six year old grandson, David to the aquarium in Atlanta. I was checking to see when the Braves would be at home too so we could take in a baseball game on the same weekend. Of course my team only makes one trip to Atlanta in April and it is during the week so school will still be in session. We will have to make some other plans to get David to a Major League Baseball game this summer.

Fly control

by on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The commercial horse barns that we have now are a target for flies and other flying pests. One of the very best ways that we have found to rid ourselves of flies and other flying pests, is the Mantis 2X2 Professional Insect Light Trap that we found on the web site for E Pest Solutions, they have a fantastic web site with a lot of different types of commercial pest controllers that come in very handy in our commercial horse barn. The fly lights work great and they meet the needs of us and many others in the horse business too.

I know that the fly lights we have bought from E Pest Solutions have worked every time we have needed them and the price is one that we can handle too. I would recommend them to every one needing a pest solution, be it for a restaurant or like us a commercial horse barn.

E Pest Solutions has a great web site that can be found at, I have found on their web site everything that I need to make my horse barn pest proof. I like the fact that I only need one web site to find every pest solution that I need in my very busy life. E Pest Solutions has everything you could ever need from fly lights to glue boards to control your pests.


by on Saturday, March 21st, 2009

With spring arriving this week it is time for me to get our horses out of the barn and out in the pasture. We like to ride in the spring and fall when it is not to hot and the bugs are not in full bloom. I have been riding horses since I was knee high as my grandpa used to say, I am not sure what I was knee high to but maybe the horse. I miss the rides we used to go on to round up the small herd of cattle we had when I was younger, a very nice way to spend a fall afternoon, riding the pasture looking for the cows to get them home. Of all the things of my youth I miss this is the one that I miss the most.

Selection Sunday

by on Sunday, March 15th, 2009

I do not follow college basketball at all but I perk right up on selection Sunday, which is today. I see if any of the schools that I have any interest in have made the field then I fill out my bracket which took me 5 minutes today. That is the limit of my interest in college basketball. I will check when the tournament is over to see how I did and I usually do pretty well for someone who does not even watch one college basketball game in a year. Last year I won the bracket at work the closest to me was the girl that picked her teams by their team names and the color of their uniforms and she almost beat me. Sheesh!