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New passion

by on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

As the weather has gotten warmer I have been out riding my bicycle a lot and I have decided to get a new bike and one for my wife too. We started looking at new bikes and found out that the local bike shops charge an arm and a leg for a new bike. We have been looking at Raleigh Bikes and Giant Bikes as well as some new bicycle accessories to make our rides even safer and a lot more comfortable. We have found a great web site with every kind of bike and bicycle accessories under the sun. National Cycles has a great web site with a huge selection of great bikes and all of the bicycle accessories you could ever think of buying, and on top of the selection their prices matched or even beat any of the local bike shops here in Nashville.

National Cycles is a top performer in my books and I will give them all of our bicycle business, they also have a lot of other products on their web site including books on riding and all kinds of bicycle gadgets to select from. I like looking at off the wall gadgets for bikes well for about anything including bikes too.

After we get our new bikes I would love to take a riding trip across Europe and that is on our list of great things to do when we retire here in a few years it will be a reality, one that I can not wait for. I wish it was retirement time already I am ready to hit the trail on my new Giant Bike and see the world.

Nothing on TV

by on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

The one thing besides the heat that I dislike about the summer season is the fact there is nothing on TV at all to watch, I am not interested in watching reruns and most of the new shows that show up in the summer time really suck. The one notable exception is Big Brother which will be starting a new season in a couple of weeks, the first week in July the new season starts and that will be one show that I will watch and enjoy, at least I have enjoyed it every summer since it first came on the scene. I can not wait for the first drama to start.

Replace our bed

by on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

After all these many years of being married we have decided to get a new bed and to step up to more modern platform beds in our house. In our search for a modern furniture showroom to aid our search for a more modern platform bed, we have found a wonderful web site that has exactly the modern platform bed we have been looking for all over Nashville.

E Room Service has a wide selection of very nice beds exactly like we have been looking for on their web site. I have made up my mind that I wanted a platform bed for a long time now and the search for the perfect modern platform bed is over now. The best selection and the perfect price was all found on one web site at the web site for E room Service. Now that we have found the platform bed that we have been looking for now we can search the E Room Service web site for the rest of the bedroom furniture that we need to complete our new bed room suite.

I can not wait for the new platform bed to get here so we can see what color to paint our bed room, you know that a new bed means a new paint job at least thats what I have been told this week.


by on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

We made the first payment on our season tickets for the Nashville Predators, I know it is kinda hard to think of hockey tickets with it being 100 in the shade and very little shade available. I am not sure if the team will have any luck at all this coming season but we will be there to cheer them on win or lose. We have been season ticket holder for 4 of the last 5 years, we took a season off last year due to the economy and I hope things get better soon.

New life

by on Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Over the last few years many members of my family have been very into the psychic world, my Aunt Dorthy lived her long life by the love fortune teller, Ann Brooke, and she had a very happy life. My daughter is a very strong follower of the love psychic reading and uses the love tarot cards to see into her future. I think that my daughter would be very suprised if she knew that her dad was looking into the things she believes in and that makes me feel very good about this.

As I have gotten older and I hope wiser over the years, I have looked into the psychic love tellers and I like what I have seen. Ann Brooke is one of the very best in this field and I have become a very strong follower of hers over the years and I like what she has done for my life and the lives of many of the people in my family. Ann Brooke the love psychic is one of the very best in this wonderful field and I want to lean as much as I can about her and I went to the web site, and I was very impressed with all of the available information on that web site.