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It is good to be back on the blog blogging

by on Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Had to take a little time off from blogging here to get some stuff done in life, but am glad to be back at it for sure.  I have lots to blog about and plan on featuring more topics on here, thanks to great reader suggestions and some fond stuff I always liked but shied away from here – for what ever reasons.

To be frank, this blog was never meant to be read by kids or even younger people as they probably wont get the jokes or even might be offended by some of the ideas or suggestions, which is fine, because both love for any idea is needed, as much as thought provoking dislikes.

As an adult, I like to talk and write about shit adults like to talk about and that is what is planned for new posts down the road. Hope you like what you read so far and what is to come – if not, hit the road jack and find another blog to read already! But if so, stick around – I guarantee I will have some stuff here that will make you laugh cry and arouse your mind, for sure.