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Run Forrest, Run

by on Monday, November 28th, 2011

run forest run

Check the Statements

by on Monday, November 21st, 2011

Most of the time I get my bank notice that my statement is ready for review and I just dlete the notice and don’t worry about. I manage my money closely and know what I put in thee ans what I am taking out. Therefore, I should know pretty close to the balance without going througha lot of drama once a month to balance the account.

For some reason I took a longer look at last month’s statement and damn, there is a $6 charge against that account by the bank. I’m thinking, WTF?, and called the bank. They said they are now charging $6 a month for me keeping a checking account at this bank. There’s no way to get rid of that charge except to change banks and find someone who will give me an account for free. So, now I’m on the hunt. I’ll be damned if I’m paying this bank $6 every month just for the privilege of them holding my money for me.

An App for That

by on Monday, November 14th, 2011

The new catchphrase this year has got to be, “There’s an app for that.” I read today that there are over 1 million apps. How in the hell can a normal person stay on top of all those apps? That is crazy to think we, the general public, have such a great need, desire and demand for little bits of software to solve all our problems or make life so much easier for us.

The only app that I can thin of that would help me is one that would tell me exactly where I set down my cell phone or car keys, or did someone move them in a cleaning frenzy. I think at least once a week I am searching for my damn phone because it is not where I thought I left it.

Notebook vs Netbook vs Tablet

by on Monday, November 7th, 2011

My girlfriend has been dropping big hints about wanting a netwbook. I thought it would be smart to go to Electronics Express and take a look at the netbooks. I haven’t really paid much attention to them – they are cheap and small and not something I’ve been worried about. I have a big screen laptop that I love and would never be happy with a tiny 9″ netbook screen.

So I went into the store and told the guy I was looking for something for my girlfriend, maybe her Christmas present. Of course, she was not with me, and I am not sure spending that much money on something for her is a good idea without her along to tell me which ones she likes. But I took a look at what they had, and damn those things are small. I guess she could drop one into her big ass purse and be a happy girl.

I have to think about it before I make a decision about going with a small one or getting her a new tablet, which is the way I would go. At least I know what the netbooks look like now, and if she has her heart set on one, then I guess Santa will have to pony up.