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Leap year

by on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Tomorrow is leap year day. We get an extra day this year to frolic or work one. I will probably be working on the house. I am quite sure I didn’t need and extra day to do that. Really I could have gone without a whole extra day of chores. No matter though, I will persevere, and the wifey will be happy. I have my honey do list all ready for tomorrow. I have to clean out the garage, the gutters, the flower beds and the garden patch in preparation for planting. Oh fun.

I think my wife would make a really good warden in a prison. It would be the prettiest prison as well as the most productive. She would probably grow all of their food right their on the prison grounds and turn it into a working farm. Don’t tell her I said that though, she would kill me. I will get it all finished though I am not worried about that, but I am going to be one tired man by the time I am done. It will be worth it though as I will have everything in perfect readiness for spring planting and wont have to worry about finding anything I need. I have to run to Home Depot and pick up some yard bags and such now.


by on Saturday, February 18th, 2012

I am not sure if I want to go hunting or not. My brother in law is an avid hunter and always wants me to go with him. I like to eat the deer and hog that he brings back, but I am not sure that I can actually kill something like that. Unfortunately for me, I have seen Bambi too many times. The thought of having to dress out and skin the deer is actually worse than the thought of killing it. That is just kind of gross to me, having to gut it and pull out the entrails. Yuck!

I have a feeling though that I will end up going just to get him to stop asking. Like he always says, maybe I will like it in the end. You never can tell. I know that my wife would love to have the meat, since she grew up on it herself. It is one of those American things. Don’t get me wrong the Spanish hunt as well, but not like the Americans. We generally are just farmers and such, but there are families like mine that were tradesman and didn’t have anything to do with stuff like that. Which is why I am the way I am about it.

Our house

by on Saturday, February 11th, 2012

I am refurbishing our house. I want it to look nice and be a place that we are proud of when we entertain. My wife is very particular about how the house looks and has made many overtures herself in making it a place that is not only comfortable, but elegant as well. We have decided to put in a gas fireplace in the living room and on the back patio. We want them in both places because we want places to entertain all through the year. Her mother helps with some of the ideas for the house, but that does not bother me as she has very good taste.

I think that we can put in built in shelves and such, along with the TV and other electronics to make it look good, and we definitely want tile throughout the house, except for our bedroom. I have to have carpet in there. I don’t like to get up and have my feet hit the cold floor. I would prefer carpet in that area. Other than that we are still in the planning stages of the remodel. It will take a while before we get the house the way we want it.

Life throws us twists

by on Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Every now and then life will throw you a twist. The storms that come in the spring around here are a major twist. Literally because we have a lot of twisters or tornadoes in the spring time and it can be devastating for those who are directly hit.  I am very happy that we have a basement to shelter in. Many people don’t and it is very dangerous. A few years ago we had some really bad floods here in town. I haven’t seen that kind of flood in a long time. I hope very much that I never see another like it again.

This year I cannot even begin to foresee what it will be like. Our winter was very mild and I am sure that our summer is going to be very hot, but the storms, I can only pray are not as bad as last year. My neighbors lost their houses last year from downed trees felled by straight line winds. That isn’t even tornadoes, just strong winds. It can be very scary to deal with such storms for people unaccustomed to it. I really feel for those who live in those mobile homes during the worst of our weather.