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Can’t Beat Em? Join Em!

by on Saturday, April 28th, 2012

same side

Sometimes I want to be bad. It feels good and adds a sense of excitement to the moment. You get to revel in the experience of being bad, plus you get to relive it later in your mind as often as you want to – especially if it turned out well. So if you can’t beat your demons or you don’t want to – join them!

Lunch at Hooters

by on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

My buddy Owen wanted to meet up for lunch so I suggested Hooters. I like the atmosphere of the Hooters restaurants and the food is pretty good, too.  He didn’t  think twice – he agreed and we’ll be downtown at noon.

Noon is not the best time to go to lunch if you can avoid it, but some of us don’t have a choice. The restaurants are the busiest, so service is usually slow. But the food will be fresh and hot, and sometimes the crowd makes for good people watching and adds some buzz to the air.

The Hooters downtown is the best one. The girls are gorgeous and work the hardest of all the Hooters around town. The ones down in Antioch are probably the worst. I don’t see how that place even keeps its doors open any more. No one wants to see all the skinny crack hoes walking around in shorts in a daze. Half the time they don’t even get your order right and they could care less about checking back to see if you want another beer or need ketchup or anything. But downtown rocks and that’s where I’ll be in a few hours.

Daytime TV

by on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

There is never anything on daytime TV for guys to watch, even if you have cable. We have a few hundred channels and most of the programming is crap. I am home sick from work and bored out of my mind. I can’t sleep, but there is nothing to do. So right now I am watching reruns of Sons of Guns all day long. I will probably watch the whole thing, because then at least I will have watched the entire season. At least it is a guy show for a change.

I suppose I can check out the on demand stuff later if I want. Bah, I hate being sick. The flu sucks. At least I have some of this cold medicine that knocks you out for a little while. I will sleep in about an hour and if I am lucky I will stay that way for a while. I guess I should be thankful that I can at least watch cable. We never had that when we were kids. The only shows during the day were soap operas to watch with mom. Ugh ! Those were the worst. At least until cartoons came on. Hey I have cartoon channels. Maybe I will watch some of those.

BBQ time

by on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

I love that the weather has gotten so nice. BBQ season has come early this year and I am preparing for it as we speak. I have already filled the tanks for the grill and bought new cooking utensils for it as well. I dug out the smoker and cleaned it up. I have to pick up some wood chips for it, but that is easy. We are fixing up our patio and the backyard areas where we entertain and due to such good weather it will be blooming soon enough with flowers everywhere.

We will probably plan our first BBQ for next weekend. My wife has shopping to do as well as check everyone’s schedules to make sure they can attend. I am sure that it wont be a problem though, because everyone is ready for winter to be gone for good and the outdoor fun to begin. It is still just a bit too cool at night to bother with the pool yet. When the weather gets to the right point, we will open up the pool and ready it for summer. We haven’t decided if we want new patio furniture yet or not. I suppose we shall see. I am sure that my wife will come across something she likes soon enough.

Brutal hockey hit

by on Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I like to watch hockey and there has been an incident that has rocked the Phoenix Coyotes. Their forward Raffi Torres has been suspended for twenty five games, for hitting Marian Hossa in the head and sending him off of the ice on a stretcher. As one of Phoenix’s main players, this will seriously hamper their games for a while. I am not a Phoenix fan myself, but I certainly feel for them as a team. I am even more concerned about Marian Hossa and hope that this doesn’t have any long term effects for him and his career.

The Black Hawks will have a  difficult time in this post season without Marian on the ice. I certainly feel for their club right now as they have been doing very well this year. I can only hope that Raffi will learn his lesson throughout this suspension and quit playing with such brutality. This is not of course the first time for him, as he is a very aggressive player. He needs to realize that head shots are illegal in the game and will not be tolerated at all. I would hate to see him banned from the sport he loves so much.