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New Car Clearance

by on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Ads for the cars dealerships around here have really increased this month. It is the end of the model year and they are desperate to get rid of all the 2012 year mode inventory and make room for the new 2013 model years cars and trucks.

The TV models are almost always local girls who are pretty but have very little training on how to walk and talk at the same time for a dealership ad.. As long as they have a pretty face and big tits, they get on the air.

The next model years cars are not all that promising I haven’t seen any news from car shows about any big improvements or new concepts. Even the hybrid models are not selling as well as hoped. Its partly the blame of the manufacturers but I think it is also a reflection of the bad economy. People just can’t risk taking on a new car loan for $20K when they don’t have a good, full time job or their job is in jeopardy.

Once this economy starts getting better, we should see a pent up demand for new cars. They just have to wait a while longer – we should see things changing after the elections – one way or another.