Condo rentals

by Nazas on October 27th, 2008

Every year when we go on our vacation we spend at least a week on the beach in either North Carolina at Kitty Hawk or Panama City Florida, and every year we get a great deal on our vacation condo rentals, the company that we normally rent our condo from is Home Away. They have a great web site with so very much information about rentals at all of the great vacation sites and specials on condo rentals that blow the competition away.

Besides condo rentals they have cabin rentals, vacation home rentals and house rentals to create a home away from home while you are on vacation. Feeling at home when you stay some times up to two weeks in a vacation rental is very important to me and my family. What I really like about these vacation rentals is that you can stay at lovely vacation rentals for a fraction of what you would pay for a hotel for the same amount of time.

We always take our wonderful pets with us on our vacation every year and we would be hard pressed to find a hotel anywhere that would allow us to bring our pets for a week and the vacation rentals that we stay in that we get from Home Away let us bring our pets who to us are as special as our children. As well as having wonderful vacation homes all over America, Home Away has wonderful vacation locations in over 100 countries as well.

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