Microblogging services are not a fad!!

by Nazas on August 8th, 2011

Twitter is great but there are many other microblogging services out there that in my opinion are just as good as the real deal itself. I for one like to get the word out when it comes to stuff i like and microblogging services are a great way to do just that! I have listed the top 5 i choose to use in hopes you will find one you will like use!

https://presently.com My Presntly
http://jaiku.com My Jaiku
http://wassr.com My Wassr
http://www.blogynet.com My Blogy
http://www.hictu.com My Hictu

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  1. Gregory Says:

    I for one like Twitter a lot and only plan on using this service as other services are just that other services.

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