by Nazas on March 19th, 2012

I have noticed a decided lack of respect by kids today towards their elders. This really bothers me. It is as if they have no respect for themselves let alone anyone else, but they treat adults as if they have nothing but contempt for them and that is wrong. I was raised to show respect for my elders and that is what my children will be taught as well. However, you cannot control what kids learn in the schools now a days and that in itself bothers me. I am glad that my wife does not have to work, because we have spoken frequently about raising children and how we would accomplish that.

We want to be successful in our child rearing efforts, not only for our sake but more for the kids. Child rearing can be difficult and it is possible that we will home school to ensure that our children do┬ánot┬áreceive unwanted influences in their lives. It is a difficult decision though, for children need contact with other kids and finding the kind of atmosphere we wish them to participate in. We can only do our best, but since we haven’t any children yet it is not a big worry. I suppose we will deal with that as it comes later one.

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