Neighborhood Wildlife

by Nazas on May 6th, 2012

Last Wednesday night I was out late and got home late. But i had to put the trash up at the curb for the trash collection on Thursday morning. So I took care of a few things and right before bed I put on my shit kickers and stepped outside to get the trash can pushed down the driveway to the curb. But when I stepped out on the porch, I saw something move across the yard. By the time I realized what it was it had run across my neighbor’s yard and disappeared down the street. It was a huge red fox with a very bushy tail. I am sure it was a fox – that bushy tail was a dead give-away.

That makes the second fox I’ve seen in my yard. The last time it was a grey fox. The grey fox was a little bigger than the red fox. At first I thought it was a coyote, but then I saw its very bushy tail and knew that coyotes do not have tails like that. It was pretty cool to see these wild creatures running through my neighborhood. If I hadn’t seen them with my own eyes late at night I would never have known that they are even here.

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