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Vacation Plans

by on Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Summer is just around the corner – in fact some people say that it is already here because it has been so hot. Usually I try to take a week’s vacation and go to the beach in the summer. It is a long drive to any beach and there are not cheap flights to any of them. So it takes some planning and some sacrifice to make it happen.

This year i am thinking about driving the 10 hours south to the Gulf of Mexico. I think the oil spill has pretty much stopped being a problem and that the beaches and seafood along the Florida and Alabama coastlines are safe and clean again. Hope so, anyway.

Golf trip

by on Sunday, July 19th, 2009

One of the very best spots to play golf in is the great golf courses in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. This is a very nice resort that is close enough to make a weekend trip from here in Nashville Tennessee and I love to golf Myrtle beach. I have found some very nice Myrtle Beach golf packages and have taken advantage of them several times over the years.

I have played golf in many amazing places and I think of Myrtle Beach golf as one of the very best, it ranks right up there with some of the nicer courses I have played in places like Phoenix and Las Vegas. We have even played at night in Myrtle Beach and that is something that I have never seen at another course I have played golf at over the years. Some of the Myrtle Beach golf vacations have included trips to the beach and once we took a boat out on the water for a day, something that I really enjoyed a lot. Myrtle Beach has so much to offer it is one of my favorite vacation spots in the world. I can not wait for our next golfing trip to Myrtle Beach and we have started making the plans for our next trip to the beach and I love to be able to take my golf clubs with my bathing suit.

Sand and golf

by on Friday, June 19th, 2009

My wife loves the sand and the ocean and I love to make her happy and to play golf. So you add all these things up and I see a trip to Myrtle Beach to play in the sand and water and fro me to get in some great golf. Myrtle Beach golf vacations are right up our alley and I think it is one of the very best places to play golf anytime of year. The Myrtle Beach golf package I found on this fantastic web site was perfect for us it allowed me to play some great golf and my wife to get her time on the beach, just the two things we wanted from this trip.

We found some great golf packages Myrtle Beach and that is a site that we will vist many times a year it is a very short trip from here in Nashville to Myrtle Beach and it has everything we want in our vacation sites. Golf, sand, and the ocean, it has an abundance of all three and that is all we are looking for in our vacation home. I can not wait for this July trip to be here, I have been saving up all of my golf for this one trip and it can not come soon enough for me.


by on Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Like many families in America and Germany on this day in 1944 our families lost a lot of good men. Even though this event was before I was born, it is a day that I have reflected on since I was a small child. My Uncle Lester died on Omaha Beach and is buried in France, I hope one day to go to France to see the beach where so many brave Americans died in the days following the allied assault on Normandy. It was god to see our President visiting the site of the battle this morning and I too hope to go there one day very soon.

Sand in our future

by on Monday, May 18th, 2009

As I see it we have some sand in our future, and I can not wait. We have made plans to head to Myrtle Beach for the sand sun and bike week. Staying in a Myrtle Beach Resort is a bonus for this trip. To state the facts we will be staying in a North Myrtle Beach Resort on this trip and I can not wait, it looks like one of the finest North Myrtle Beach Resorts on the beach and I am very pleased that we got this reservation for this year. So of our trips to Myrtle Beach have not been as memorable because of the poor hotels we have chosen, this year we stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with the Prince Resort.

We will be taking our grandson with us on this trip and it will be his first trip to the ocean, as much as he is fascinated by sharks and the water in general I think this will be a very fun trip for him. He will be seven in a couple of months and is getting big enough to travel some with us. It will be a fun family vacation this year for sure.