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Shopping – Men vs Women

by on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

I had to go buy some clothes today for myself. My wife decided to come along and that is where the trip went from a short one to an hours long marathon. When I man goes shopping for clothes, it is relatively simple. There are two kinds of men. Those who wear suits to work and those who do not. Either way it still is the same principle of shopping for us. We know what size we wear and we go to the store and buy exactly what we need. Pants, shirts, socks and underwear are the basics. The only deviation from that is if we need a suit.

Women on the other hand, have to try on fifty different outfits, along with the accessories and shoes for each one. The buying of a bra can take an hour and a half all by itself. Styles, colors, matching underpants etc… It is enough to drive a sane man completely crazy. Which is why I usually make sure she shops with friends or other female family members rather than me. In and out in thirty minutes or less is my motto and I stick to it.

Women and men should never shop for clothes together, especially when the woman always asks for my opinion and buys the exact opposite of the one I like. What was the point of asking me, if you are only going to get the other one? Note to self. Do NOT tell her when I am going to go buy myself clothes. I am going to the hardware or auto store from now on whenever she asks !

Design Flaws

by on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Thee are big words for all these engineering concepts, but i’ll stick with “user friendly.” Have you ever noticed that some things might look good, work well, be completely functional – and yet they are not user friendly?

For example, architects are predominantly male and not may men do laundry for their household – especially since they are working every day earning a living. Therefore, they have very little regard or concern for the person who has to actually trudge up and down a flight a stairs with heavy and bulky baskets of dirty clothes, sometimes daily, to use the laundry equipment that is located in the basement. If they had any concern for making a house plan efficient and user friendly, they would find a way to locate the laundry near the bedrooms and the bathrooms, where people naturally remove their clothes.

I seem this same callous disregard for the person who has to use a product or a feature all the time. What examples have you noticed?

Ready for school

by on Monday, July 13th, 2009

As the kids get ready for the upcoming school year I have found a great web site to get the new school clothes that they want this year. Zappos has a great web site with a wonderful selection of very nice clothes that my kids love and these clothes are at the top of their wish list for new school clothes this year.

My kids have always picked out very nice clothes when given the chance to do the shopping, and I think they have made an excellent selection in their choice of clothes to wear to school this year. Zappos has clothes that even an old fuddy duddy like me thinks are very stylish and I think that amazed my kids more than any thing else this year.

Some of the schools in our area have went to school uniforms and I hope that our school never does, I think the school uniforms are a waste of good money, the kids can wear nice clothes and not have to all dress alike.

I think that shopping at Zappos is a good idea and I am very glad that my kids liked the clothes on this top quality web site and it makes me very happy that they like the same things that I do, Either I am doing a good good learning about my kids or they are doing a great job learning about their dad.