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NFL Playoffs – or Not?

by on Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Today is the day that key football teams will find out if they are contenders in this year’s Super Bowl or not. My team folded a long time ago – they started out losing and never really caught up to get a wild card chance of playing. So most of us are watching to see if the teams we hate will lose, and which of the teams that are left on the field might be worthy of us cheering for them.

My own picks for who will play in the Super Bowl are the San Francisco 49’ers and the Baltimore Ravens. I’m not saying that I like either of those teams, I’m just picking them out of the rest of the teams still in the running as being able to pull off enough wins to make it to the Bowl. In a way, I hope my picks don’t prove true, because I don’t like either team. In fact, I despise the Ravens and think they are nothing but a bunch of overpaid thugs.

But, we’ll see by morning if my picks are still on track.

Football’s Growing Female Audience

by on Saturday, October 1st, 2011

American football is not know as the American sport, but if you were honest about who watches all the games, I think you find that football has surpasses baseball. In fact, I believe, Football is the most popular, followed by basketball, then baseball and hockey. I know that NASCAR fits in there somewhere, but not really sure where, and I’m not a fan of racing anyway.

I read in the newspaper that last year, Women accounted for on third of the audience of all football games. I think that is amazing. I wonder how many of those women are married as opposed to single? That would tell an interesting tale of the female profile.

Football on TV

by on Sunday, August 9th, 2009

With the upcoming start of the NFL football season I am getting ready to watch a lot of football on TV. I got the NFL Sunday Ticket from Direct TV and I can not wait for the season to begin. The NFL Sunday Ticket schedule is filled with great games, I can watch all of the Tennessee Titans games but that is not the only team that I follow, The NFL Sunday Ticket will allow me to see all of the Arizona Cards games and that is huge for me, I have been a Cards fan since I was a lad of 8-9 and that is a long time ago.

The NFL Sunday Ticket price is right in my ball park and that was a huge relief to me, I love football and my wife lets me watch all the football I want but it can not be a burden on my family and with the NFL Sunday Ticket it is priced right in my budget.

The first pre season game is tonight and I can not wait for kickoff. I love the Tennessee Titans and I will be watching tonight as they kick off the 2009 NFL football season against the Buffalo Bills in the Hall of Fame Classic. The dry spell for football fans like me is over tonight and I am one happy camper.