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Brutal hockey hit

by on Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I like to watch hockey and there has been an incident that has rocked the Phoenix Coyotes. Their forward Raffi Torres has been suspended for twenty five games, for hitting Marian Hossa in the head and sending him off of the ice on a stretcher. As one of Phoenix’s main players, this will seriously hamper their games for a while. I am not a Phoenix fan myself, but I certainly feel for them as a team. I am even more concerned about Marian Hossa and hope that this doesn’t have any long term effects for him and his career.

The Black Hawks will have a  difficult time in this post season without Marian on the ice. I certainly feel for their club right now as they have been doing very well this year. I can only hope that Raffi will learn his lesson throughout this suspension and quit playing with such brutality. This is not of course the first time for him, as he is a very aggressive player. He needs to realize that head shots are illegal in the game and will not be tolerated at all. I would hate to see him banned from the sport he loves so much.