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Spotty Coverage

by on Thursday, August 18th, 2011

If you travel and use a cell phone, you will appreciate the fact that a couple of companies do a much better job at service area coverage than others. Even though cell phones have been in use for over 20 years, there are still huge gaps in coverage across the country.

I was shocked when my Sprint cell phone did not get a signal at all for three days while I drove through parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania. This is a pretty populated area and I expected to be able to call business contacts at least from the hotels at night. There are still parts of Delaware that do not have wi-fi in the hotels.

This is 2011 people! Get caught up with technology!

Second Honeymoon

by on Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Since we did not get any kind of a honeymoon when we got married we have decided this summer to sneak away for a second honeymoon. As most Americans that can not afford to travel abroad we have chosen Niagara Falls as our site for our second honeymoon. We will be staying at the Rydges Hotel and we will not be going over the falls in a barrel. We searched for cheap hotels in Niagara Falls and we think we have found a very nice hotel that we can at the same time afford.

Cheaper than Hotels has a very nice web site with so many good affordable hotels to stay in it amazes me to no end. We have been wanting to go on this special trip for a very long time and now is the perfect time to celebrate our second honeymoon and have a very nice trip at the same time.

We will be using this web site to search for any hotels we will be staying in and I feel very confident we will find the very best rates any where in the world. At some point after we both retire we will be looking to do a lot more traveling around the world so I will keep this great web site in mind for that too.