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by on Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Tonight our grandson David was over and we had some fireworks left from the Fourth of July, so we went out in the yard and light up some sparklers and a couple of bombs that shot into the night. We had a few bottle rockets and roman candles so we shot them off too. In all we had some harmless fun and David had a good time. It rained on the Fourth of July so we had to make it up some how and this was the very best way we could think of and it was fun for an old man too.

Nothing on TV

by on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

The one thing besides the heat that I dislike about the summer season is the fact there is nothing on TV at all to watch, I am not interested in watching reruns and most of the new shows that show up in the summer time really suck. The one notable exception is Big Brother which will be starting a new season in a couple of weeks, the first week in July the new season starts and that will be one show that I will watch and enjoy, at least I have enjoyed it every summer since it first came on the scene. I can not wait for the first drama to start.