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Sad day

by on Sunday, August 16th, 2009

It has been 32 years since I was working and heard the very sad news that Elvis had died. It was a tough rest of the day at work for me. I had been an Elvis fan since I was old enough to walk, my mom played his albums all the time and I had very little choice, like him or move out, I mean a 4 year old could find a job and survive if he did not like Elvis in my moms house. I will turn on my old stereo and play some Elvis and light a candle later on for him too.

Golf trip

by on Sunday, July 19th, 2009

One of the very best spots to play golf in is the great golf courses in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. This is a very nice resort that is close enough to make a weekend trip from here in Nashville Tennessee and I love to golf Myrtle beach. I have found some very nice Myrtle Beach golf packages and have taken advantage of them several times over the years.

I have played golf in many amazing places and I think of Myrtle Beach golf as one of the very best, it ranks right up there with some of the nicer courses I have played in places like Phoenix and Las Vegas. We have even played at night in Myrtle Beach and that is something that I have never seen at another course I have played golf at over the years. Some of the Myrtle Beach golf vacations have included trips to the beach and once we took a boat out on the water for a day, something that I really enjoyed a lot. Myrtle Beach has so much to offer it is one of my favorite vacation spots in the world. I can not wait for our next golfing trip to Myrtle Beach and we have started making the plans for our next trip to the beach and I love to be able to take my golf clubs with my bathing suit.