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BBQ time

by on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

I love that the weather has gotten so nice. BBQ season has come early this year and I am preparing for it as we speak. I have already filled the tanks for the grill and bought new cooking utensils for it as well. I dug out the smoker and cleaned it up. I have to pick up some wood chips for it, but that is easy. We are fixing up our patio and the backyard areas where we entertain and due to such good weather it will be blooming soon enough with flowers everywhere.

We will probably plan our first BBQ for next weekend. My wife has shopping to do as well as check everyone’s schedules to make sure they can attend. I am sure that it wont be a problem though, because everyone is ready for winter to be gone for good and the outdoor fun to begin. It is still just a bit too cool at night to bother with the pool yet. When the weather gets to the right point, we will open up the pool and ready it for summer. We haven’t decided if we want new patio furniture yet or not. I suppose we shall see. I am sure that my wife will come across something she likes soon enough.

Learn to swim

by on Monday, June 1st, 2009

We have made a rule that our grandson has to learn how to swim before he can go on any trips with us this summer. Tomorrow is his first lesson. I think learning how to swim at a young age is one of the most important things a child can learn, it is so important to know what to do if you fall into a lake or swimming pool. After he learns to swim we will be taking him to the beach and to some bigger lakes he will have a good time and he will be safe.