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Zombies and Vampires

by on Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Took a quick walk through the toy department at Target and was impressed at the sudden presence of toy monsters. It seems like every toy line has a zombie or vampire version. Even the Barbie dolls have a Twilight Vampires line based on the hit movie series. Other dolls include “Monster High” fashion dolls. There are even monster legos sets – a whole series of ghosts, vampires, Frankensteins and mad scientists.

I wonder why everyone has such a fascination with zombies lately? There are zombie walks happening all over the world. I saw some photos of a zombie walk held in Canada – they were some freaky people in that parade, let me tell you! We are having a zombie walk here later this month. Downtown will be full of creepy people staggering around on the sidewalks – and not just tourists this time.

A shop named Desire that sells love!

by on Friday, October 14th, 2011

Whenever I find something good, especially as good as this, you already know I am going to post about it. Thus, let me go ahead and tell you about this fucking awesome sex shop named Desire that sells everything a player could ever want to help with the love making between you and your special someone or people, lol. Besides having one of the best names for a sex shop it also has some of the best prices on sex toys I have ever seen online, and a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, selection of dvds and blu-ray discs.

Something like this only comes around every couple of years and thus when you find it make sure to point it out because this sex shop is the shit, my friend, and you and your friends should give it a peek sometime to see if they have something you can use to enhance your love making. I for one have stocked up on lots of dvds and a little lube and a couple of sex toys I plan on using this weekend! Please do share what you got my friends I am always interested in learning about some great adult products the work! I just do not have the time to look through all the hundred of thousands toys and dvds out there.