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My Battery Backup Saved My PC

by on Friday, May 16th, 2014

We have a lot of trouble in this area with electricity outages and spikes. Many times it is related to storms, especially the ones with a lot of lightning. But sometimes there is not sign of any storm activity and the power just goes out. It’s not so bad when it goes out all at once and stays off for 5-10 minutes. But the ones that make the lights flicker and it comes and it goes – those worry me.

Household electronics can’t take a lot of spikes and surges, especially computers. That is why I bought surge protectors and battery backups for all my electronics, not only the PC but also the flat screen TVs and the security system.


We had an issue with the lights flickering for about 20 minutes the other day. No signs of any storms – no reason to expect the surges. When it was over, I checked my electronics and found that the surge protectors had all tripped, and one of the battery backups was dead. Unfortunately, the battery backup went out on one of the first flickers, leaving my security system unprotected and it ended up frying the security computer and monitor. I was pretty pissed off about that.

On the other hand, the surge protector for my PC did trip but the battery backup remained working, so it saved my PC.

All that flickering meant that I ended up going to Best Buy to replace all the surge protectors. Once they trip, they can’t be trusted to work anymore – as surge protectors. They still work like an extension cord, but that doesn’t protect your electronics from the surges and spike. I went ahead and bought 6 replacements and then negotiated a price reduction with the sales manager by buying 6 spares. I figured I would need them eventually, so I might as well get them now and save a few bucks while I’m at it.


Video Game Addiction

by on Monday, September 24th, 2012

On impulse I picked up a video game while shopping at WalMart. Its a guy game – first person shooter. I’m pretty good at those and I can spend hours in the living room working my way through jungles, abandoned villages and city streets looking for enemies to take out.

We’ve got several different gaming systems here at the house and play just about any game except for the X-Box games. I’m just not willing to spend another $300 on one more video gaming system. I’ve got some buddies who have the X-Box and they swear by it. In a pinch I could probably hang out at their place for a few hours and play games on their system. But to be honest, I’d rather play at home alone and not have the distraction of other people watching or trying to talk to you while concentrating on my next target.

I’ll stick with my Playstation 3 and there are plenty of games for this system. most nights there is just crap on TV and I’d rather play a game than be forced to watch the crap they call entertainment on network TV and cable. Just don’t walk in front of me when I’m trying to get to the next level of my damn game.

Daytime TV

by on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

There is never anything on daytime TV for guys to watch, even if you have cable. We have a few hundred channels and most of the programming is crap. I am home sick from work and bored out of my mind. I can’t sleep, but there is nothing to do. So right now I am watching reruns of Sons of Guns all day long. I will probably watch the whole thing, because then at least I will have watched the entire season. At least it is a guy show for a change.

I suppose I can check out the on demand stuff later if I want. Bah, I hate being sick. The flu sucks. At least I have some of this cold medicine that knocks you out for a little while. I will sleep in about an hour and if I am lucky I will stay that way for a while. I guess I should be thankful that I can at least watch cable. We never had that when we were kids. The only shows during the day were soapĀ operas to watch with mom. Ugh ! Those were the worst. At least until cartoons came on. Hey I have cartoon channels. Maybe I will watch some of those.

Direct TV

by on Friday, May 15th, 2009

In our family restaurant we have added Direct TV to the bar area and we have seen a terrific upsurge in business. I have always wanted Direct tv in the bar and now we have went and got it I am as happy as a bug in a rug. check out the great service packages on to see if it is a fit for your business or home like we have done.

Now we are having big parties when there is a top notch sports event on Direct TV and I can plan on being able to watch all the football at the bar and not bother my wife with my yelling and stomping when one of my teams does not do well in a game. I think that we can look at our business on Sundays to pick up it had slowed down so much we had thought about closing on Sundays but I think the Direct TV will help that problem out a lot.

With over 130 channels and the NFL Package we are set to entertain our customers and most of all to entertain me. I can not wait for football season and if all goes well we will need to get the NHL package too, we have a lot of hockey fans in our customer base.